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About NEST

"Our kids, our responsibility"

 Hello Overseas Adoptees!

  You’re not alone. Nest is here with you. As your fence, we will support you. We also have overseas aid projects for neighbors in need in the Third World. 

  Nest hopes that the world will be a brighter and more beautiful through these small gestures. And we would like to thank all of our supporters for joining us in our activities. We hope that you will find meaning and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Our Services

This is what we do at NEST Korea


Settlement of foreign adoptees in Motherland

We offer translation services, Korean Classes, Social

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Getting to know the motherland

Birth family search, Airport Pick-up service, Homestay,

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Overseas Aid

We are providing third world countries with

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Our Events

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Nest is conducting educational programs necessary for overseas adoptees to settle in Korea, such as "Korean class" and "Social incubating".


Let's Go to Korea(가자코리아), Nest Tour with GKL(하늘,땅,별,가족) are travel programs with overseas adoptees, where you can experience the beauty of Korean history, culture, and nature with your friends.

Group work

As adoptees become one and work with a common theme, they feel homogeneous and feel the same way in Korean society.


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Our Members


Secretary General

Hello, I’m Anna. I’ve been the Secretary General of NEST for 15 years. See you soon!


Adoptees Support, Team Leader

Hi, my name is Rufina, I am in charge of the overseas adoptee programs and accounting


Overseas Aid, Team Leader

Hello, I’m Peter taking charge of overseas aid. Feel free to get in touch with me!