We offer translation services, Korean Classes, Social incubator programs, etc.

Translation services
Nest provides translation services for a smooth communication for overseas adoptees visiting Korea. For a smooth communication with the biological family, we connect Korean volunteers with overseas adoptees. We translate into Korean, English, and French in writing for those who wants to exchange letters with their biological families.

Korean class
Nest offers Korean classes for overseas adoptees visiting Korea. Overseas adoptees who were born as Koreans but speak a foreign language rather than Korean as their first language are very frustrated with communication problems when they come to Korea. Also, studying Korean is a process of finding one’s roots for overseas adoptees who have different cultures and languages. Just as a language itself is said to be a culture, it is an opportunity for overseas adoptees to learn Korean language and understand their roots well.

A problem you always encounter in the process of finding your birth family, meeting them, and traveling around Korea is the language. Through our language program, you can learn Korean in a way you have never learned before.

Social Incubating program
Nest supports educational programs so that overseas adoptees can adapt to Korean society and find the jobs they want.