Our Child,

Our Responsibility!​

After the Korean War, at least 200,000 people were adopted overseas for various reasons. During a post-war ruin state, overseas adoption at that time was considered “ones blessing.” Now countless overseas adoptees are visiting the land where they were born. There are different reasons people come back to Korea to visit, but a common question is “What type of country is Korea, that abandoned me?”

Taking their first step on Korean soil, adoptees could have mixed feelings. Some questions could come to mind such as “why did such a well-off country abandon me?” and “my parents must have given up on me because of some stories they can’t tell me.” There are some adoptees that try to settle down in Korea, but life here is not very easy. Nest, a private organization, is a haven for all overseas adoptees who have left Korea unintentionally, and it will be your home as a friend, brother, sister and family.

Overseas adoptees! You are not alone. Nest is with you! “둥지” is your fence and we will do our best to support you. Nest is also involved in overseas aid for neighboring third world countries. Nest hopes to make the world a little brighter and more beautiful through our small gestures. I would like to thank all of the sponsors that help support Nest. I hope that your work will always be meaningful.

Chairman of the board
Father John

Board of Nest Korea

General Assembly/Board of Directors

The board of directors for Nest consists of prominent figures from all walks of life. Including the chairman of the board, Father John (김홍진 신부님), who decides and reviews the business direction and policies of the corporation. The directors are as below.
- Yoon-Ki Song (송윤기) : Patent attorney of Seah (세아)
- Bong-Hwan Choi (최봉환) : Former Vice President of Korea Expressway Corporation
- Ik Baek (백익) : Standing Adviser of PARADISE SEGASAMMY Co. Ltd.
- Geon-Ju Kim (김건주) : Head of the new material business department at Byeoksan Paint Co. Ltd.
- Heon-Cho Chung (정헌초) : Korean Air Manager
- Jae-won Ahn (안재원) : CEO of Cheil Wood
- Chul Park (박철) : Actor
- Jong-In Park (박종인) : PD of Peace Broadcasting

Main Office

Nest Korea's main office consists of the Secretary General, the Overseas Aid Department, the Overseas Adoptees Support Department, and the Regional Headquarters.

History of Nest Korea


  • October 2006 Nest Korea founded
  • January 2007 Registration completed for Nest Foundation
  • November 2007 First board meeting
  • November 2008 First “Hanbando” cultural experience “Let’s Go, Jeju Island!”
  • February 2010 Changing the English corporate name from Nest Foundation to Nest Korea
  • May 2011 International Exchange and Cooperation project/support for Darhan Agricultural school in Mongolia
  • August 2011 Medical Aid via Medicines/Marshall Islands
  • September 2011 Name of Korean cultural experience changed from “Let’s go, Jeju Island” to “Let’s go, Korea!” 
  • October 2011 Opening and consecration of Café Nest
  • January 2012 KBS World Radio Interview, Arirang Radio Interview
  • March 2012 KTV documentary film “Hope” : Broadcasting
  • July 2012 NHK World Overseas Adoption interview
  • September 2013 Opening of NAVER Happy Bean and Happy Log 
  • December 2013 Appearing on Catholic Peace Broadcasting Radio show called “Today is a Blessing”
                                     hosted by Dong-woo Lee and Da-Hye Kim 
  • March 2014 Interview with KBS World Radio “The World We Live Together
  • April 2014 Women’s Newspaper Interview. 
  • July 2014 Providing Marshall Island with 20 computers 
  • November 2015 Conference on the advancement of donation culture/Baekbeom Memorial Hall, Catholic international health forum
  • December 2015 Dispatch of overseas medical volunteers / Tarag Mamak, Indonesia
  • March 2016 Indonesia Cape Marulak Area Scholarship Support
  • September 2016 Appearing on SBS TV Show called ‘Curious Story Y’ 
  • December 2016 Visit to JST Philippine Education Facility 
  • March 2017 Indonesian scholarship support project 
  • July 2017 Debate on supporting overseas adoptees settlement in Korea
  • October 2017 Visit to Myanmar special childrens education facility//Myanmar Mitzina
  • November 2018 Visit to educational facilities for poor children in Cambodia 
  • October 2019 Visit to Senegal (womens competency enhancement project)
  • December 2019 Pre-survey of projects to support poor children in the Philippines 
  • May 2020 Delivered grants to Nitang, Philippines
  • July 2020 A history tour of the 3.1 Independence Movement with a history expert
  • September 2020 Tour of the historical sites of Baekje with a local cultural tourism guide
  • October 2020 A tasting tour of all the delicacies in Gangwon-do
  • November 2020 Volunteer work with overseas adoptees in (Sokcho garbage removal work)
  • November 2020 Free support for housing deposit for overseas adoptees
  • December 2020 Providing overseas adoptees and underprivileged people with winter supplies