Beautiful Dokdo

Dokdo is a small Korean island in the East Sea created by volcanic activities. Dokdo consists of two large islands, Dongdo and Seodo and another 89 smaller islands surrounding them. Dokdo is 187,554m2 in size where Seodo is the biggest, 88,740m2 to Dongdo’s 73,297m2 of the two main islands.

Travel to Dokdo Islands

Dokdo Islands is Korea! This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore Korea and the beauty of this country! We will travel to the beautiful islands of Dokdo with NEST Korea. Through this trip, you will realize the historical value and importance of this island. Dokdo is an

Nest Tour with GKL

1. Gunsan (History Trip) Japanese colonial era At that time, you can learn the history of exploitation by Japan and learn the situation of the time by visiting cultural heritages and museums in the region. Date: 2020.7.11 ~ 7.12 Itinerary: 2. Seosan, Buyeo (History Trip) It is a journey

Let’s Go to Korea

Let’s Go to Korea! Are you ready to go to Korea, but overwhelmed with the planning? Don’t worry, Nest Korea is here to help take away all of your stress. We are currently accepting applications of individuals who want to explore Korea and learn more about Korean culture. We