Settlement of foreign adoptees in Motherland

Operation of translation services, Korean Class, Social incubator programs, etc. Translation servicesThe Nest provides translation services for the smooth communication of foreign adoptees visiting Korea. For smooth communication with the biological family, we connect Korean volunteers to overseas adoptees and translate them into Korean, English, and French when overseas

Getting to know the motherland

Birth family search, Airport Pick-up service, Homestay, Let’s Go to Korea, etc. Birth Family Search The number of foreign adoptees who unintentionally left Korea after the Korean War is estimated to be 167,547 by 2018, according to the statistics of the National Adoption Service. It is the official statistics

Overseas Aid

We are helping third countries with medical services, food aid, and relief supplies. Since its establishment, the Nest has made efforts to improve the lives of local people through various assistance such as medicine delivery, medical volunteering, computer and scholarship support, foreign language education and sewing education to seven