1. Gunsan (History Trip)
Japanese colonial era At that time, you can learn the history of exploitation by Japan and learn the situation of the time by visiting cultural heritages and museums in the region.
Date: 2020.7.11 ~ 7.12

2. Seosan, Buyeo (History Trip)
It is a journey to learn about the history of the Baekje period, which flourished culturally during the Korean Peninsula. We look around tombs, temples, and historical sites to find out what they were trying to express.
Date: 2020.9.19 ~ 9.20

3. Gangwon-do is an area where you can taste a relatively diverse variety of foods due to its geographical characteristics. In particular, local foods using local ingredients such as potatoes, corn, and buckwheat are well developed compared to other regions, allowing visitors to experience the clean and healthy taste of Korean food through a trip to Gangwon-do.
Date: 2020.10.17 ~ 10.18

4. Namhansanseong Fortress, built to serve as an Imsu-do during the Joseon Dynasty, is a symbol of the independence and independence of the Korean people and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Namhansanseong Fortress, which has been firmly established in the midst of foreign invasions for many years, serves as a shelter for modern people to protect nature and escape from urbanized civilization for a while. We hope to provide time for adoptees, adoptive families and their volunteers to forget the stress they have received in the city for a while and focus more on their inner lives within Namhansanseong Fortress. In addition, the nearby Gyeongancheon Wetland Ecological Park and Konjiam Hwadam Forest are places where visitors can experience various aquatic and native plants. Just as this diversity creates beauty, adoptive families with diverse cultures are also building a beautiful social fence called ‘family’ and are planning to provide some time to resolve the feelings that have been socially marginalized through a forest road trip that embraces diversity.
Date: 2020.11.21
Itinerary: Under preparation.

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