Beautiful Dokdo

Dokdo is a small Korean island in the East Sea created by volcanic activities. Dokdo consists of two large islands, Dongdo and Seodo and another 89 smaller islands surrounding them. Dokdo is 187,554m2 in

About our event Along the river with NEST

The day of our Han River picnic is getting closer and we are very excited to share this day with you. In order for you to get excited we would like to share some

Travel to Dokdo Islands

Dokdo Islands is Korea! This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore Korea and the beauty of this country! We will travel to the beautiful islands of Dokdo with NEST Korea. Through this

Along The River With NEST

Spring is here and we want to take the opportunity to enjoy it as much as we can. Join us on April 24 from 3 PM for a full day of activities such as

Volunteer Work(Clean-up the beach)

Recently a typhoon hit the East Coast of South Korea, causing a lot of debris. So we are going to help clean up some of the beaches! Let’s make the Earth a little bit

Nest Tour with GKL

1. Gunsan (History Trip) Japanese colonial era At that time, you can learn the history of exploitation by Japan and learn the situation of the time by visiting cultural heritages and museums in the

Social Incubating Program

Scholarships for education “Nest Korea and NCRC are providing adoptees with a great opportunity! Now is your chance to make your dreams come true. Sign up for our scholarship program and have the chance

Korean Language Class

“Have you always wanted to study Korean? Or tried self-studying but hit a rut? How about studying with Nest Korea’s tutors! We can set you up with a private tutor that can help you

Let’s Go to Korea

Let’s Go to Korea! Are you ready to go to Korea, but overwhelmed with the planning? Don’t worry, Nest Korea is here to help take away all of your stress. We are currently accepting