Scholarships for education

“Nest Korea and NCRC are providing adoptees with a great opportunity! Now is your chance to make your dreams come true. Sign up for our scholarship program and have the chance to be selected to attend school to be one step closer to landing your dream job!”

-4 categories: Barista, Nail designer, Hair designer, Montessori

-We will have two applicants from three categories(Nail designer, Hair designer, Montessori) and five applicants from one(Barista) after receiving application forms from September 9th to September 22nd.

-How to apply: Complete the form and send it to


1) Barista: 550,000 won

2) Nail: 2,200,000won

3) Hair: 2,600,000won

4) Montessori: 690,000won

-We want to have applicants who want to find a job in Korea. * You can get more detailed information on the attached poster.

General Information:

  • Contact Person:Rufina


  • Name:NEST Korea